Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time Lapse

Thanks to encouragement from my friend over at thedishmantimes, I am back in the blogging world after a long hiatus. Guess we shall see what inspires the posts as time goes on!

A recent observation and reminder to myself (even today God brought me back to this):

I find it interesting how, once time has passed, you often find that something you once thought you absolutely needed is no longer a need or even a want.

My husband and I had this kind of experience recently. Something we had consistently prayed for at one point, but not answered with a "yes" in the time frame we thought we needed it in, was suddenly offered to us. Funny enough, we decided we didn't really need it and enjoyed life better because we didn't have it.

God, who sees all things from beginning to end, knew...and so withheld it from us earlier that we might find contentment in His better plan. Wow. And we doubt Him why?

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  1. =) Aww! I love it! I even got a recognition. Man I feel special! Can't wait to read more in the future.